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Title of your document:: Neuropsychology of PTSD Biological, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives
Author(s): Jennifer J. Vasterling and Chris R. Brewin
Publishing year: 2005
Category: Neuropsychology and psychobiology
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Presented is cutting-edge research--including recent advances in functional neuroimaging--on the emergence of neuropsychological dysfunctions in specific trauma populations: children, adults, older adults, and victims of closed head injury. Coverage encompasses a range of chronic problems with memory, attention, and information processing that are related to trauma exposure. Linking neuropsychological findings to the realities of clinical practice, the concluding section addresses key implications for PTSD assessment and for pharmacological and psychological treatment.
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Salim Sebastião
02-13-2009 06:10:30 PM
I'm interested in neuropsychological disfunctions in the PTSD considering my clinical practice. I think they have to be with Frances Tustin's contributions on sensorial sensations and the autistic withdraw as a defense to prserve life throuh the diminished use of oxygen to the vital functions. I wrote some articles on Psychossomatic symptom and Nrvous Anorexia based in these studies. I would like to wnow if this book consider hese questions. Sincerely, Sebastião Salim