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Worlwide Traumatic Stress Associations
- The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

- Association de Langue Française pour l’Étude du Stress et du Traumatisme
- The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation
- Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
- Argentine Society for Psychotrauma (SAPsi)
- The South African Traumatic Stress Institute
- The Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

- European Society for Trauma and Dissociation

- The European Network for Traumatic Stress
- Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft Für Psychotraumatologie (DeGPT) 
- Canadian Traumatic Stress Studies Network (CTSN)
-European Society for Trauma and Dissociation

Trauma, PTSD, and Research
- Le Centre d’Étude sur le Trauma (CÉT)

- An interactive website in french with information for victims and professionals
- Laboratoire d'Étude du Trauma (LET)
- National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- National Child Traumatic Stress Network

- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Alliance
- American Psychological Association's Trauma Psychology Division
Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health
DSM-V: The Future Manual

Mental Health Associations and Health Institutes

Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute Robert-Sauvé
- Canadian Mental Health Association

- Anxiety Disorders Association of America
The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT)
L'association des troubles anxieux du Québec
Veterans Affairs Canada
National Institute of Mental Health
- Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network (ACATLGN)
- : Looking for mental health help in Canada?, a non-profit initiative, provides an online mental health resource directory and events calendar. Free, 24-hrs a day, anonymous and confidential.
- Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS) has internationally recognized certifications for trauma responders. It is a membership Association which develops standards of service and education for those who provide critical emotional care to trauma victims and survivors.

Other associations or groups linked to trauma
- Web site of Michel Oligny : social worker, offers debriefing and crisis intervention for PTSD
- Gift From Within : An International Nonprofit Organization for Survivors of Trauma and Victimization
- Canadian Forces Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program 

- Emotions and journalism : A research project at Bournemouth University with the DART center for journalism and trauma

- The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) studies and teaches a somatic approach to clinical psychotherapy practice
- David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages provide information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field
- Police Stress and Health Program is a research, education and training program that works in partnership with the police community to provide information and resources aimed at preventing duty-related stress and improving the quality of life of law enforcement professionals
- Sidran Institute Traumatic Stress Education and Advocary is an organization that develop and deliver educational programming; resources for treatment, support, and self-help; trauma-informed community and professional collaboration projects and publications about trauma and recovery

PTSD and Trauma-Related Scales
Measures of Traumatic Stress 
- Brief Betrayal Trauma Survey
- PTSD Checklist (Civilian version)  
- Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire 

- Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV: Dissociative Disorders
- Briere's Trauma Symptom Scales
- Trauma Symptom Checklist 40

- Childhood Maltreatment Interview Schedule

- Child Trauma Assessment
- Assessing Posttraumatic Responses of Children