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Q: Are there any membership fees?
A: No, there are none.
Q: How do I become a member on this website ?
A: You must first register as a member by clicking on the section entitled Become a member. This section contains an application form that you must fill in. We will then process your application form and send you an email to confirm your membership to the Trauma and PTSD website. Thereafter, you will be able to login in the Members area on the website. To login, you will need your username and your password. Both will be activated once you become a registered member. Your membership will allow you to create, edit and modify your profile at any time.
Q: Why should I become a member on this website ?
A: Members on this website have several advantages. First, only members can create a profile on this website and become part of this virtual community of PTSD researchers. As a member, you will also gain access to restricted and secured sections on the website such as the Discussion Forums.
Q: Why should I share my work on this network?
A: The answer is simple : Members on the network are eager to learn and other less experienced colleagues will greatly benefit from your materials ! Disseminating the knowledge you have gained will surely help the community.
Q: Who will see the documents I have uploaded on the network?
A: Only members of the community can access your documents. Every file is stored securely online.
Q: Does it cost anything?
A: It's FREE!