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Titre du document : Handbook of Women, Stress and Trauma
Auteur(s): Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett
Année de publication: 2005
Catégorie: Évaluation, prévention et traitement
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Women are significantly more likely to experience certain types of stress and trauma, though not enough is currently available to counselors and social workers about how to assess and treat trauma-related issues in females. Women not only process information and react differently than males but are also affected by hormones and emotions differently. In addition, females face particular stresses at each developmental stage from the pressures of adolescence to childbearing to simultaneous mothering for children and aging parents. Using a lifespan developmental approach, the text begins by addressing specific issues that women face at various stages in their lives, drawing upon theories of development and exploring how women's relationships with others buffer-or sometimes cause-stress and trauma. Subsequent sections of the handbook focus on stress and trauma in the lives of mothers; the spectrum of violence against women; and stress and trauma in special populations of women, including women of color, women with disabilities and lesbians.